Joy vs Fun

I know a young man that shared a book with his wife. The book was called, All Joy and No Fun- The Paradox of Modern Parenthood. Now I’m going to tell you right off that I have not read the book. I have a basic issue with the premise, however.
First of all, fun is transient. Joy is long-lasting. I associate joy with the spiritual part of us. This is just my opinion, of course, but if we pursue fun, we keep needing more. It’s like an addict who needs increasing amounts of drugs to satisfy a need. But joy fills us without us having to make a huge effort.
It is my understanding that most religions believe that God created us in His image. Since God is spiritual, that means the important part of us is spiritual. We can carry spiritual joy with us into the next world. I’m pretty sure the fun activities stay here.
So about children. Yes, they are a lot of work. But they can be really fun, too. I believe raising children is the most important job a person can do. Bar none.
I wrote a song about parenthood when my children were little. It’s not serious at all, so even if it’s a little weird, I’m going to put the words down here.

Fingerprints are everywhere,
Toys are up and down the stair,
Everywhere I look there’s work to do!
Putting things back in their place,
Washing little hands and face,
And walls with pictures hung up with glue!

I would like a little break-
Just a moment I could take
to sit and read a book without a noise!
Maybe visit with a friend,
Talk of nothing to no end,
Without being plagued by girls and boys!

Every time they’re in the door,
Coats and book bags on the floor,
Every day I have to say, “Now hang them up!”
Eating everything in sight,
Never go to bed at night,
“No time to waste, it’s getting late, now hurry up!”

Just when I can take no more
Slamming in and out the door,
I’m about to lose my mind, I know!….
They come and give that little hug
That always gives my heart a tug,
They think of something nice to do
Without being asked to,
They share a smile and wash away
All the worries of the day,
And what else can I do but love them so!!

I can’t put the melody in there, but you get the idea. The love flows. And all we have to do is let it in.

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