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My monthly psychology journal came in the mail earlier this week. I was pleased to see that…guess what?!? “Evidence is mounting that microorganisms in the gut affect mental health”! The article was entitled, “The Future of Psychobiotics,” and it was written by Kirsten Weir.
There were ideas in the article that link to the material I was talking about when I wrote about psychoneuroimmunology earlier. One thing Ms. Weir mentioned was that “People with gastrointestinal disorders have higher-than-average rates of neuropsychiatric problems such as bipolar disorder and depression…”
We all need to make our guts as healthy as possible to give the bacteria and any other microbes we need a place where they can thrive. Probiotics can play an important part in this quest, especially after taking an antibiotic for a week or more. Antibiotics kill any bacteria they run into, whether they are bacteria we need or they are the ones making us sick. After we recover from an infection, we need to replenish the good bacteria so our systems can work like they are supposed to.
Speaking of our systems working like they are supposed to…I think I mentioned before that my trainer said that in order to figure out how much protein we need, just divide our weight in half. I started calculating, and I had been eating plenty of protein if I weighed about 70 pounds. Let me tell you, I weigh more than that.
So this week, I’ve been trying to consume more protein. I am convinced that it is impossible to do without supplements! And when I use the supplements, I feel so full, I’m eating less. I’m very excited about the prospect of the possibility of losing weight. I gained weight when I was going to graduate school, because I basically sat down for four years. I was under a lot of stress, and snacked a lot. But fifteen years later, none of that weight is gone.
I decided that if I’m going to talk about how important it is to sleep well and eat right, I’d better be doing it myself.
I am good about getting my eight hours of sleep, because I had insomnia for decades before they found a medication that worked for me. And as you know, loss of sleep is cumulative, so I have some pretty weird neurological symptoms going on before they figured out I was dealing with extreme sleep deprivation. I am good now! If I miss sleep during the night, I try to free up some time to take a nap so I don’t get behind.
Since changing everything to have a healthier life is difficult, please try to select one thing you was to work on. Let me know how it goes, and we can try to encourage each other.
Okay! I have to go work out!

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